As the business of TriCord Tradeshow Services has continued to expand over the years, it has made a natural progression north to meet the tradeshow and conference demands of the Silicon Valley. In an effort to better serve those needs, TriCord South Bay was created to develop the drive and focus necessary to cater to the Bay Area market. What sets Tricord South Bay apart from its’ competitors is a high level of service coupled with a high value product. We use superior equipment to create innovative decorating solutions while maintaining reasonable prices to both the show manager and those exhibiting at the event. We find that our high tech partners appreciate our strong dedication to service and an unparalleled attention to detail.


Great service to both show management and exhibitor alike has always been the cornerstone of our business. At TriCord South Bay, we realize that for an event to be a success, a good experience must be had by all; from the hosting association or corporation, to the exhibitors or partners on the show floor, to those attending the event. We have become increasingly aware of this inter-dependant relationship as our clients switch from the show manager of a corporate event one week, to an exhibitor at one of our conventional tradeshows the next. TriCord South Bay’s strong commitment to service has been recognized by our clientele as we are quickly becoming the decorator of choice for many associations and corporations.


TriCord South Bay is truly a full service contractor with the ability to provide all the necessary services to produce your event. We start by producing a CAD floor plan for your event and then utilize the best in booth equipment, standard furnishings and specialty furnishings to build it. We believe that by starting with the highest quality equipment, the end result is a superior final product that gets noticed. TriCord is also a California licensed electrical contractor so that we are able to provide all of your electrical distribution requirements, from breakout sessions, to the general session, to the tradeshow floor. In addition to our own fleet of trucks, we are in partnership with several transportation companies to provide logistical support for our clients and we employ the proper manpower to manage all labor and freight handling applications on site. TriCord has an extensive inventory of Octanorm modular systems to customize any event or display and we have the graphic design and sign making capabilities to incorporate artwork into and brand your event. Regardless of the size and scope, we have the resources necessary to help manage your event, from start to finish.


Tradeshow Services

As the show manager of an association, you have worked hard to sell the floor and grow your event, which is why we bend over backwards to help you retain your exhibitors. From our reasonable pricing structure to the way we treat your exhibitors at show site, everything about TriCord South Bay’s customer services sends the message that we value our customers, and yours! We continue to develop strong working relationships with the convention centers and hotels of the South Bay to become a knowledgeable resource with respect to those venues. It is this local knowledge that allows us to offer attractive and cost effective tradeshow solutions for the high tech industry. It is this vital three way relationship between the event manager, the facility and TriCord South Bay that allows us to further develop our niche. We recognize that the tradeshows and corporations of the Bay Area market demand an excellent product and a higher level of service.


We also realize that whenever possible, clients would prefer to work with the fewest number of vendors, which is why we strive to make our business a one stop shop. With an extensive inventory of UL approved electrical distribution equipment and a full time electrician, TriCord South Bay is uniquely positioned to handle that aspect of your event as well. We also produce all graphics in house to offer both show manager and exhibitors turn-key solutions and provide any last minute signage or corrections. Additionally, TriCord South Bay has a local warehouse to receive and store show management and exhibitor freight and a fleet of trucks to deliver this freight when needed at show site. It is this synergistic approach that allows us to produce your event in a seamless fashion.


Our modular systems can also be used to create a completely unique look to the main entrance, registration space and common areas. Allow us to customize the entrance to your show floor or design a custom kiosk for a cyber café or charging station. We can create a registration area that will both welcome and impress your exhibitors and attendees. Then brand and direct your event with meter board signs and window graphics. If you can imagine it, we can build it.


TriCord also works cooperatively with a number of high quality audio visual companies to help you create a powerful general session or an elaborate truss and lighting solution. Perhaps you would like to add value to your event in the form of digital signage or e-commerce solutions for mobile devices. We’ve structured our entire company to offer a wide variety of services with the goal of becoming your partner as we work to produce the finest tradeshows in the country.


Corporate Events

From internal corporate events to user group conferences, TriCord South Bay specializes in the production of these turn-key events. In the fast paced environment of the Silicon Valley, these events have their own unique set of demands. We have worked closely with companies such as Applied Materials, Global Foundries, IBM, O’Reilly, Samsung, Sun Microsystems and Synopsys to produce one-of-a-kind events tailored to the needs of the client. With a large inventory of high volume carpet, an extensive inventory of Octanorm modular systems and over 300 poster boards in stock, we are able to customize these internal events to enhance our customer’s total event experience. We continue to expand our offerings to deliver brilliant yet cost effective solutions so that our partners can maximize their investment.


We offer a variety of turn-key configurations constructed from our modular systems that will make your event look great and make any internal department or business partner feel appreciated. All they need to do is show up with a laptop or marketing collateral and they’re good to go. They will walk into a professional looking booth with custom graphics, furniture, carpet and electricity, a true turn-key solution.


At TriCord South Bay, we understand the importance of these internal conferences and how critical it is that the event comes off without a hitch. We also know to treat your partners or sponsors in the same professional manner that we would treat you, our ultimate client. In short, we realize that the event’s success is paramount to the success of your business.


Special Events

If you are hosting a special event, maybe a car show or an art exhibit, TriCord South Bay has got you covered. We have a great inventory of staging equipment to support these types of affairs and the ability to create truly unique environments. Add a truss structure and accent the event with theatre and stage lighting, we have the equipment and experience necessary to take your event to the next level. TriCord has worked annually with companies like Ducati, Koenigsegg, Lexus, Mercedes Benz, Moto GT, Pagani, The Quail and RM Auction to produce high end displays and manage their events.


If it’s a custom hard wall you’re after to create a backdrop or display art, we stock pre-fabricated walls and grid wall that we can build on site to your exact specifications. With experience decorating events such as the Big Sur Marathon, Carmel Concourse on the Avenue and the Toyota Press Release at Pebble Beach, we thrive on the challenge to help you produce your event using creative solutions. TriCord South Bay wants to help make your event not only successful, but truly memorable.


Green Practices

Tradeshow contracting can be a material consuming industry which is why TriCord South Bay has always been committed to decreasing waste and using environmentally friendly products whenever possible. We are proud to offer a variety of sustainable exhibition products including biodegradable trash liners and wastebaskets made from 100 percent recycled materials; Energy Star approved lighting used in entrance units, registration counters and booth displays; carpet and carpet padding produced with post-industrial recycled content; and graphics produced with 100 percent recycled content and no Volatile Organic Compound emitting inks.


Our aisle carpet used at exhibitions and events is cleaned and reused until it show wear, then less worn sections of aisle carpet are recycled to general booth carpet. TriCord South Bay’s recycling efforts also include paper, cardboard, aluminum, wood, toner cartridges, plastic and Plexiglas and we use biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning supplies when appropriate. We continue to provide exhibitors and show organizers with alternative products to reduce the environmental impact from events and offer motivated vendors an easy-to-use framework for improving environmental performance.

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